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For most concerts at the Q, floor seats are sub-divided into nine floor sections labeled 1-9. The front floor includes sections 1-3 where fans will be seated within 20 rows of the stage. For most end-stage concerts these rows are labeled A-Q.

Sections 4-6 often make up the middle floor with rows labeled AA at the front and TT at the back. Meanwhile, the rear floor includes sections 7-9 with rows often labeled AAA-MMM. For many shows, floor section 8 is removed to make room for the sound mixer.

Seat numbers on the floor change from show-to-show, especially when the stage includes a catwalk or some other alteration. However, for most end-stage concerts there are 16 seats in each row of floor sections 2, 5 and 8 and 14 seats across in all other rows. When looking towards the stage from the floor, seat 1 is on the left aisle.
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