SDCCU Stadium

"Amazing viewing experience for Chargers fans"

Seat Review From Plaza 36, Row 8, Seat 3
Sep 2014


The viewing height is excellent from the Plaza level at Qualcomm Stadium. I've sat in the lower field level sections, and while it can be fun to be that close to the players, it is very hard to see most of the field considering how low the seats are positioned in relation to the field level. But from where I was in Plaza Section 36, I had an very good vantage point to see over the sidelines to most areas of the field. This is a great area for Chargers fans as the seats are not far behind the Chargers bench, and their entry tunnel is located in the corner just to my left, making it a fun place to be when the Bolts take the field before the game and after halftime.
I loved the midfield positioning from right near the 43 yard line, and with a good height to see over the sideline, these seats were a great option for watching the game on the field rather than on the videoboard.

Best for... watching the game

Avoid if... you are cheering for the away team

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