SDCCU Stadium

"Great views of the game and Chargers entry"

Seat Review From Plaza 29, Row 5, Seat 2
Sep 2014


I was near the corner in Plaza Section 29 Row 5, which turned out to be amazing thanks to my seat pointing right at the 50 yard line. I didn't have to turn significantly to the left or right to make out most of the plays, and was able to just sit back and enjoy the game from a good viewing height and position. The seat also had a good view down to the Chargers sideline, where you could make out most of what was happening outside the field of play.
My seat was also just a few rows up from where the Chargers players enter the field, which was a fun place to be when they took the field prior to kickoff. After the entrances are made, the inflatable helmet tunnel gets taken down, but a stage like structure remains in the entry corner, which provides visual and audio effects during the rest of the game. On Chargers touchdowns, 3rd down conversions, and other big plays, the structure shoots fire, smoke, and makes loud sound effects to get the fans energized. You can definitely feel the heat from the flames when the shoot off, and the sound effects can be pretty darn loud as well. Could be a great place for older kids to have fun at the Stadium, but might be a bit frightening for the younger ones.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family

Avoid if... you are cheering for the away team

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