SDCCU Stadium

"Fantastic view from the corner!"

Seat Review From Club 42, Row 7, Seat 13
Aug 2014


Corner seats in football stadiums are so under-rated when they have a great angle to the field. And these club seats really delivered. Perfectly angled towards the 50 without sacrificing the view of the near endzone. Height is outstanding and the club level amenities are way better than the rest of the stadium.

Seat was padded on the bottom and this side had the sun behind it for a night game so it was shaded. But I think for an early game These are going to be really exposed to the sun. So don't forget the sunscreen.

Best for... watching the game, impressing a guest

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      Man, you've got legroom for days in the first row. Most other stadiums would actually try putting another row of seating in front; no joke. But if they did that, they'd have two rows with terrible views of the field instead of just one. The railing makes it impossible to see the middle of the fie...

    • "Great view!"

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      The seats were wonderful. This was my first time sitting in the club section. The wait staff is a great perk. The proximity to the lounge and restroom was also great. The seats were comfortable and the view was amazing! Not too far and not too close. You can see the whole play! I am definitely consi...

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