SDCCU Stadium

"Club seats out of the sun"

Seat Review From Club 32, Row 16, Seat 16
Aug 2014


Seats are fully covered and out of the sun. But so are a lot of seats on the club level. You don't have to sit this far back to get the shade. Not that the view is bad being far back - it's just that the overhang is in your view. You can see the whole field and it only comes into play on punts. But I'd rather sit down a couple rows and not feel boxed in.

Club offers in-seat wait service and a better concourse than normal seats.

Best for... bringing the family

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    • "Club amenities not enough to offset bad view"

      (Club 40) - -

      Club seats with awesome legroom. But a thick bar runs right across your siteline. Either hunch over to see through it or sit as tall as you can to see over it. Either way, it makes for a long day. Sit higher than Row 1 to avoid this issue.

    • "Nice seats nice view"

      (Club 34) - -

      Seats are nice. Not far from the restroom. Snacks and drinking well very close. If your short there is a bar in the way but you can work around it for a view. I’m tall so I sit high so no problem for me.

    • "This is where you wanna be!"

      (Club 37) - -

      50 yardline club seats above the railing? Yes please! Rows 7 and up are under the cover, so never have to worry about rain. They weren't sunny in the afternoon, but probably are sunny earlier in the day. Views of the field are just phenomenal. The height of the club level is outstanding, and bein...