SDCCU Stadium

SDCCU Stadium View Level Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Endzone View Level seating is only available at the west end of the stadium as the scoreboard is located on the opposite end. The seats are in the highest level at the stadium, but provide a unique perspective of route running, zone schemes, and decision-making by the quarterbacks.

Each of these sections contain 19 rows of seating, except 22V which is below the replay board and speakers and is known as one of the loudest sections in the upper deck.  -

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Hear the buzz of the videoboard"

      (View Level 21V) - -

      Right below the videoboard. Your head almost literally blocks the screen for other people. Speaking of blocking views, the wheelchair seats in the lower rows of this section block your view of the endzone. For 95% of plays, this isn't a big deal. But the other 5% are the plays you really want to ...

    • "No view of endzone - stay away!"

      (View Level 22V) - -

      Not only can you not see the endzone closest to you, you may not even be able to see up to the 40 yardline. DO NOT SIT HERE!