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PNC Park Bleacher Reserved Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Bleacher Reserved seating is located directly behind the left field wall and is a great place for fans looking to catch a home run ball. Seating in this section is bench style, but does offer a bench back support so you can avoid leaning forward the entire game.

Seats in the outfield are exposed to the sun for most of the day, so these sections are not recommended for fans that prefer to be in the shade.

Views of the main scoreboard will require a full 180 degree turn as it will be located just above in left center field, but this location is also where fans can get closest to the bullpens located just beside section 138.

Seats in the 200 level portion here are also known as the Upper Bleacher Reserved sections.  -

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    • "The Bullpens are to the Left of Section 138"


      The visiting team bullpen is located closer to the field, while the Pirates bullpen is directly behind the visitor bullpen.

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