PNC Music Pavilion

"Perfect Box Seats at PNC"

Seat Review From VIP Box Seats
Feb 2021


Great spot for attending a show. There are a few different rows of boxes. I was in Box 14, which is off to the left of the stage and in the first row of boxes. It felt much closer than expected and the angle was great.

The boxes further to the left of the stage might not have as good of a view, but everyone gets more comfortable seating and wait service.

Would definitely recommend sitting here!

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    Way overpriced

    May 2019

    VIP Box Seats, Seats 1-2

    For the price I paid for these seats I would’ve thought they would’ve been better. Then all the kids that tried to sit in the aisle with until half way through the show. All very disappointing. Seger was great, too bad seats weren't. Definitely not worth it.

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