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Zappos Theater Mezzanine Seating


Sitting Here for a Concert

In the back half of the lower seating tier, Mezzanine seating keeps fans on the lowest level for good views that still feel close to all the action. Side Sections 201 and 209 have a smaller feel with just 13 lettered rows of seating (A through M), but better viewing angles will be found in the other Mezzanine sections closer to the center of the stage. Aside from Sections 201 and 209, most Mezzanine sections have 28 rows of seating starting with Row A at the front, and ending at Row BB in the back.

Large poles are located around row P in these sections. While these poles do not create any obstructions for viewers, they do make fans feel a little more removed. Look for seats in row P or lower if you want the intimate feel that Zappos Theater can bring.  -

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    • "Great View From the Center"

      (Section 205) - -

      Not really a big theater at all. Debated about getting the more expensive VIP tickets closer to the stage. Would have been cool because it's Vegas. But these were more than acceptable. Good view from the center of the theater. Seats were comfortable. Was on the aisle which made it nice for the ex...

    • "Last Row "

      (Section 206) - -

      Row BB is in the last row which is definitely tucked away. The theater is somewhat small, so you don't feel too far away, but at the same time I felt a little removed. The big poles are not an issue, so no concerns there. The crowd is allowed to stand for shows here, so being in the last row be pre...

    • "Back of a cool theater"

      (Section 206) - -

      Even though I was in the last row I really liked these seats. There isn't really a bad seat in the house. These seats are beneath the overhang, but the big poles are not in the way of anything. If you want a more intimate feel, these seats are probably not for you. We did feel farther, but still ...

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