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Seat Review From Section 110
Dec 2012


This isn't a review of the section, but it is about the new restaurant RED which is located above this section. I'll keep it simple, if you're bringing a date to the game then take her to RED and enjoy dinner during the first half then take her to your awesome seats for the second half which is what I did. There is a full bar in RED also and anyone can go there and watch the game from there enjoying the favorite beer with friends. Doesn't matter where you're sitting anyone can go there so there is no reason not to visit it at least once.

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Section 110 Row G

Dec 2012

Section 110, Row G, Seats 14-15

View of the court was great as we were right on top of the action even though it was near the visiting teams (Cavs) bench. Concession on this side of the arena wasn't the friendliest and I've come to conclusion that 100 level seats are never comfy if you're tall but I couldn't complain because you are so close to the court and it was a great game against the Cavs. I would sit here again and recommend these seats.

  • "Worth it"

    (Section 111) - -

    Only on small occasion did the goal block the view but these seats were great for being close to the action and not as expensive as other lower level seats. This side is near the away team. I would recommend.

  • "Great value!"

    (Section 121) - -

    These seats are very underrated and the view was great! The seats are a little bit tight for taller people, but overall exceptional seats and typically priced much lower than adjacent rows.

  • "Better then I thought!"

    (Section 120) - -

    Was nervous about sitting behind the back board but the seats were great. Saw everything with no problem. And it was next to the 6th man section which is loud the whole game. I would sit here again and recommend this section of the arena. If youre tall like me (6'2) you wont have much leg room in th... is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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