State Farm Arena

State Farm Arena Upper Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Prior to renovations at Philips Arena, the 200 level sections used to be one of the more underrated places to watch a game. Now, with the addition on the terrance level. The 200 numbered sections are more equivalent of the old 300 level.

These seats have a higher elevation, making them feel further from the action on the court. However, due to their location along the sideline, it is easy to follow the action compared to being in the corners.

In each of these 200 level sections, row placement is the difference between good seats and great seats. Fans will find that the first row, Row A, in each of these sections is directly above the terrace level. With the terrace seats providing some of the best perspectives in the stadium, you can replicate that experience with a much cheaper ticket in the 200 level. You'll also be at eye level with the videoboard. Just be careful if you have issues with stairs.

If a lower row isn't right for you, aim for Row N. You'll get the center court experience without the hassle of walking up and down stairs each time you need a beverage or a snack. You may not have the great view from the front row, but you'll also have less time away from the action when you need a break.   -

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