Philips Arena

"First Row Bummer"

Seat Review From Section 307, Row A, Seat 17
Mar 2014


Between each section in the upper level, there is a rail that goes up about two feet higher than the normal rail. I know it's there so that people coming down the (super-steep) stairs don't fall and topple over, but it's really a buzzkill for front row seats on the aisle.

I would definitely try to get Lower Level tickets next time or tickets closer to the top of the section. Even though the top of the section is farther away, the view would be better and I wouldn't have to walk a mile down to Row A. There are about 20 rows, but people were seriously having panic attacks walking down the stairs because of how steep they are.

Choose a higher row or avoid the Upper Level altogether.

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  • "High Up, But a Good View"

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    This was my first time to Philips Arena, and I was disappointed that I would be sitting so high up in the 300 Level. But boy did I luck out being in Row S. This row was at the top of section and really close to the concourse tunnel. This meant we were the first ones to restrooms and concessions betw...

  • "An OK time"

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    The view was ok, but sound is great

  • "Great Bang for the Buck"

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    Great alternative to paying high price for seats. Stage easily seen. Loved the fact that we were seating on the front of the section at the rail. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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