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Sitting Here for a Concert

Because most of the southwest side of Philips Arena is suite seating, the only seats on the 200 level are sections 210-213. The front rows of these sections are some of the best seats for a concert, while the back rows will have you wishing you saved money and sat in the 300 level.

Because the 200 level is an extension of the lower level (separated by just a walkway), you\'ll have views to the stage that resemble the top rows of the 100 level. This includes comfortable, unobstructed sitelines and quick access to concessions.

Unfortunately, if you\'re thinking about saving a few bucks and purchasing tickets in one of the higher rows, we strongly advise you to re-consider. The last three rows of seats in these sections are underneath the 300 level overhang. While views of the stage aren\'t exactly obstructed, you will miss out on any acrobatics, you may have trouble seeing the video screens and you\'ll certainly feel like you\'re boxed in and have tunnel vision. To avoid these issues, only consider rows A-J in the 200 level.  -

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