For the R Kelly show - and other end-stage concerts - those seats would be considered very good.

Row T is roughly 20 rows from the floor and section 115 is just two sections away from where the stage begins. The biggest complaint among fans seated in side sections like 114 and 115 is that you have to turn your head sharply to see the stage. However, being in a higher row like you are makes the angle less severe and the head-turning less sharp.

An additional benefit of being in a higher row of the lower level is that you'll be very close to the concourse and its amenities. As an added bonus, your seats are on the aisle for easy-in, easy-out. On the flip side, these aisle seats are on the right side of the section (away from the stage). While this means you'll be farther away from the stage than most people in section 115, it's having to look across other fans to see the stage that is the biggest issue. When other concert-goers are standing, you'll be forced to do the same to see the stage. Overall, that is a minor issue for what are otherwise very good seats.