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Colorado Avalanche 300 Level End Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

The cheapest tickets for an Avalanche game are typically found in balcony sections behind the net. If you have a choice of which end to sit on, highly consider the type of experience you're looking for.

If you're bringing family and are expecting frequent trips to restrooms or concessions, consider sections on the west end of the arena (317-331). You'll find a number of facilities and food stands on this end of the ice, while there are virtually none on the other end.

So why sit on the east end? If you're an Avs fan this will give you the best look at their scoring chance. The Avs shoot towards the east end in the first and third periods, making these seats more sought-after among Colorado fans. Just make sure you grab your snack and head to the restroom before getting to your seats.

Like balcony seating in other areas of the stadium, odd-number sections occupy the first three rows of the upper level. A set of stairs then leads to the even-number sections where row 6 is typically the first row up from the stairs.   -

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    • "Great Seats just went on a Bad Night"

      (Section 322) - -

      These seats have a great view of the ice and you can really see the game being played. It is a little hard to see the goal on the Avalanche attack twice side but it isnt horrible. However, do not go to a Blackhawks at Avalanche game and expect a quiet and calm game. Blackhawk fans are everywhere (es...

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