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Colorado Avalanche 100 Level Side Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Some of the best seats at Ball Arena are located between the faceoff dots on either side of the ice. These seats are known for their proximity to the ice as well as the players. The Avalanche sit in front of Section 102, while the visiting team occupies the bench in front of 148. On the opposite side of the ice, the penalty box straddles sections 124 and 126.

For fans visiting the Ball Arena for the first time, these seats are a great way to get acclimated with the game of hockey. For the best views of both sides of the ice, aim for seats in the highest rows of one of these sections. For instance, sitting in Row 20 will give you comfortable views of the entire ice surface and will offer quick access to the lower level concourse and its amenities.

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Section 104-Row 7 has AMAZING seats! Love em'"

      (Section 104) - -

      Great seats in Sect. 104 & Row 7.The seating lady there was amazing also. The seating staff lady with red hair for Sect.104/106 was Amazing! It was our very 1st Avalanche game & with our 2 kids also. This lady was very friendly & helpful! Thanks.

    • "Close to the penalty box and close to the game!"

      (Section 126) -
    • "Great view of the goal crease; good of neutral zone, not a good view of the far zone corner"

      (Section 104) - -

      Watch out for the drunken boys next to you if they are season's ticket holders. Too many trips to the bathroom by them (and their girl friends) to empty their bladders of beer.

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