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The cheapest way to attend a Nuggets game is by sitting at the ends of the balcony. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for in these seats. This results in distant views, basket obstructions and potentially steep staircases.

The biggest complaint with seating on the ends is that the basket disrupts action on the near hoop and the other side of the court is really far away. The best way to limit these issues is by choosing seats in one of the odd-numbered sections at the front of the balcony and avoiding the sections directly behind the hoop (e.g.: 321, 322, 361, 362).

Besides for closer views of the action, another reason to avoid the upper rows in even-numbered sections is to limit your walks up and down the stairs. The steps are incredibly steep and should be avoided as much as possible.

If end seating is right for you, consider the sections on the west side of the arena near section 322. These sections have more concession options and are much closer to restrooms.

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