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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

The best seats in the balcony for a Nuggets game are located along the sidelines. These sections offer unobstructed views of both ends of the court from an elevated perspective.

As is the case with all balcony seating, you'll find odd-number sections in the lower balcony and even-number sections in the upper portion.

The odd-numbered sections are some of the best seats in the entire stadium. The views are similar to what you'd find on the club level and the small section size (3 rows or fewer) makes it incredibly easy to get to and from the concourse.

Even-numbered sections along the sideline also offer good sitleines - they're just a little farther from the court. To get to these seats, you'll enter through the section tunnel and then immediately climb a set of stairs to the first row in the section.. If you have mobility issues, you may want to consider an odd-numbered section to avoid trips up and down the stairs.

Both sides of the court offer mostly similar experiences. However, the north side (near section 301) offers the highest density of restrooms and concessions so you never have to walk too far once you reach the concourse.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Directly at Center Court"

      (Section 302) - -

      Section 302 is located right at half court and seat 10 is directly in the middle of the row. I would recommend something in a lower row or in the odd sections at the front of the upper level. Row 12 is just too high up and you look down at the court too much and end up watching a lot on the video...

    • "Good View from Balcony"

      (Section 301) - -

      Section 301 has only three rows and very tight space. Good overall view for a balcony seat.

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