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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Loge sections behind the basket are an inexpensive way to sit in the 100 level and be close to the court. But despite their close proximity, they have some of the worst views in the stadium. If a great view is important to you, don't be afraid to abandon these sections and choose one with better sitelines.

With up to 35 rows in each section, there are wildly different experiences depending on where you sit. These sections can be broken down into a front, middle and back portion.

The front portion of end sections includes two rows of courtside seating (labeled CS1 and CS2) followed by nine rows of traditional seating (labeled AA-II). The courtside seats offer an un-rivaled experience close to the court and with premium amenities. Meanwhile, the double-letter rows behind these seats are the most over-rated and over-priced seats in the stadium. While you will be seated within 10 rows of the court, you'll be sitting on temporary seats (they're not there for hockey) that have very little rise to them. And even if you can see over the fans in front of you, your views will be highly obstructed by the basket. Rows AA-II should be avoided unless your sole intent is to be close to the floor.

The middle rows (rows 1-7) of these sections aren't much better. The rise of the seats is slightly better, but the basket is still highly disruptive and you'll have to climb as many as 20 stairs each time you enter and exit your seats.

Surprisingly, the best experience behind the basket is found in the upper rows 8-22. These seats provide additional elevation which makes it easier to see to the other end and to see over fans in front of you. For the best experience, consider rows 15 and above in sections 110, 116, 134 and 140. The basket is less disruptive in these seats and you'll be close to the main concourse and its amenities.   -

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      (Section 140) - -

      These are great seats except for a few things. You can see the bench, all the players are right there, so that's awesome. However, the hoop's stand gets in the way of your view a bit. If the seats were a few more over going out (in the dirrecion of the bench), the seats would have been perfect.

    • "Yes they appear to be very good."

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