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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Some of the most popular seats for Nuggets games at Ball Arena are located in the Loge Level along each sideline. These seats offer some of the best views of the court from some of the closest sections.

Within this seating zone, Sections 102, 124, 126 and 148 are known for their location close to mid-court. Their position allows fans to see both sides of the court equitably and are often considered the best sections in the lower level.

For fans considering a section adjacent to those near center court, be careful when choosing a row to sit in. While sections 104 and 146 are located behind the player benches, the front rows in these sections actually have some of the poorest sightlines in the lower level. Some seats are angled to look behind the basket instead of at the court. If you're after better views of the court and don't care as much about being close to the players, opt for a higher row in these sections where you'll have a more comfortable view of the action.  -

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