Paulson Stadium

Paulson Stadium Lower South Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Along the lower tier of the south sideline is where fans will find some of the most exciting views for a football game at Paulson Stadium. The views are close to the field as well as the 50 yard line, and fans will also find chairback seating in the upper rows.

Sections A-C and E-G feature comfortable chairback seating in all rows higher than 25. Section D also features chairback seating in all the lettered rows (located at the top of the section), which are also known as the Eagles Club seats.  -

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    • "50 yard line 2nd and 3rd row "

      (Section D) - -

      We have been season ticket holders for 17 years and have generations of our family at ball games. We love our Eagle Football games.

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