Paul Brown Stadium

Paul Brown Stadium 200 Level Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

The intricacies of Paul Brown Stadium continue in the second deck of the northwest endzone where Sections 222-230 form their own seating location. These seats are known for their classic views of the Ohio River.

Besides for head-on views of opposite videoscreen and the river, the top rows in these section offer little else to ticketholders and should be completely avoided. Sitting above row 20 will guarantee you a long walk up the stairs and you may even be greeted with a heavy dose of wind.

If you like elevated endzone seating, spend the extra money to be in the first 10 rows of these sections. The videogame-like views are unobstructed and the wind is much less severe.


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    Entering Sections 222-230

    When entering sections 222-230, the entrance tunnel will be in the first row of each section. However, you will need to walk up a few stairs to get to the first row of each section.

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