Paul Brown Stadium
Paul Brown Stadium Great Views of the Field

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at Paul Brown Stadium

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Paul Brown Stadium is a fairly traditional football venue that features three distinct levels of seating. With suites separating each of the levels, fans will find wildly different views from the 100s, 200s and 300s.

100 Level Seating

The best views on the lower level of Paul Brown Stadium will come from sections 108-112 and 138-142. These sections are closest to midfield, with sections 110 and 140 providing the best views from the 50-yardline.

These sections - like all sideline seating on the lower level - have 32 rows of seats with row 1 closest to the field. Row 1 does have some elevation to help see over the players on the sideline, though we recommend sitting in a higher row for the best sitelines.

Our preferred rows in these sideline sections are 15 and above, with rows 16-22 providing the best overall experience. Seats in this area are just below the entry tunnel (row 23), and their elevated view makes it easy to see the field without too much effort.

If you're trying to decide which side of the field to sit on, the Bengals players will occupy the sideline in front of sections 108-112. However, we recommend sitting on the opposite side of the field (sections 138-142) where you get a much better view of the corner videoboard.

Club Level

The most expensive seats for a Bengals game are located in club level sections 204-216 and 234-216. For most games, these seats are listed for about 2-3 times the price of lower level seats. Besides for the amenities afforded to club ticketholders, these seats come with the best views at Paul Brown Stadium.

What makes the views so special? It's the elevation. There is a small ring of suites separating the 100 and 200 levels. As such, the second level is perched just above the 100s sections and hangs slightly over the lower bowl. This extra elevation makes it easy to see side-to-side with just a short gaze left or right.

Club sections have up to 20 rows of seats, which makes them fairly large for a premium seating location. In turn, there is a fairly significant different between being in the first row (roughly 35 rows from the field) and the last row (roughly 55 rows from the field). Higher rows will be closer to the entry tunnel, but lower rows will have a superior view.

Although not part of club seating, we are a fan of the lower rows in sections 222-230. These sections offer a head-on view to the videoboard, video-game-like views of the field, and even looks of the Roebling Bridge and Ohio River.

Upper Level

The upper level at Paul Brown Stadium includes sections with up to 35 rows of seating. When looking at tickets in this area, it is crucial to sit in the lowest row possible if you want a great view.

The biggest complaint with the upper rows (13 and above) is how high above the field they are located. Because there are two rings of suites between the 200 level and 300 level, fans often get the feeling of having to look straight down to see the field. This feeling is less exaggerated in the lower rows where you won't be looking down as far.

As with our recommendation for lower level seating, you'll do well to choose seats at the front of sections 340-342. These three sections offer a very good view of the field and a comfortable look at the videoboard.  -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Rows 16-32 in Sections 108, 109, 110 and more

The best views from the lower level come from rows 16 and above

Enough elevation to see over the players on the sideline

Close to the entry tunnel at row 23

Rows 1-9 in Sections 208, 209, 210 and more

Some of the best seats in all of football

Perfect elevation for seeing everything on the field comfortably

Additional bonus of being club seats for Bengals games

Rows 1-11 in Sections 222, 224, 226 and more

Easy to follow the action with the view from the endzone

Head-on view of the videoboard and the surrounding area (Ohio River and bridges)

The seats hang over the 100 level, which makes you closer to the field than you expect

Rows 1-11 in Sections 340, 341, 342 and more

Rows 1-11 have a much better view than the upper rows in the same section

Best combination of good view of the field good view of the replay board from the upper level is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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