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Sitting Here for a Football Game

Upper deck seating at a Louisville football game offers something for everyone. With nearly 40 rows of seating in some sections, it's important to choose a spot that fits your needs.

First, it's important to understand how steep and large the upper deck is. If you're seated in Row J or higher, you'll walk up a short set of stairs to the upper portion of the upper deck. From there you'll traverse as many as 30 more stairs on your way up to your seats. While there's a railing aiding your journey, it's still a daunting task and not one you want to do often.

There is a clear advantage to spending the extra money for a lower row. In addition to having easier trips to and from restrooms, concessions, etc., you'll have a much closer view of the action. The view from these lower rows is comparable to the view from much more expensive club seating. And if choose to sit in Sections 5-8, you'll have one of the best views in the whole stadium.

So why would anyone want to sit in the highest rows of the upper deck? Besides for the low ticket price (and comfortable chairback seating), there is a semi-roof above Sections NN-RR. Though it's more for aesthetic and safety purposes, it can provide a little bit of shade. Not enough to walk up 40 stairs for, but if you're deciding between Rows LL and RR, it is worth the extra 6 stairs.  -

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