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Cardinal Stadium 100 Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

100 Level seating at Cardinal Stadium is as close to the field as you can get without being a player or a coach. 100 level seats are within 20 rows of the field just down the steps as you enter your section from the concourse.

Unfortunately, being so close to the field does have its drawbacks. Without much elevation, it's difficult to see both sides of the field without turning your head to key in on the action. And while it may be nice to be so close to the players on the sideline, they may end up getting in your way if you're in the first ten rows.

Nothing beats the experience of being just mere feet away from the field, but you'll find better views of the action from the 200 level.

Sections 109 and 110 are designated student sections and section 111 is reserved for the student band.  -

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      The Student Band plays from Section 110

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