Oriole Park

"in shade for 1:00 game"

Seat Review From Section 354, Row 14, Seats 3-6
Jun 2019


We went on 6/16 and this row was the first row in this section to be fully in shade at 1:00 pm. The entire section 354 was in shade by 2:00 pm. great seats!

Best for... being in the shade

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    • "Great Seats, Not So Great Outcome!"

      (Section 332) - -

      Our seats were in the upper deck behind the pressbox and slightly to the right of home plate ... perfect for watching balls and strikes calls. I love sitting between 3rd and 1st bases where you have a close vantage point of every pitch, ump call and batter's swing. Otherwise, stay home and watch...

    • "Great seats for the price"

      (Section 330) - -

      Some of the best seats in the upper deck. Behind home plate and just above press box. First row really makes a difference. No nose bleed feeling. Good foul ball territory

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