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Sitting Here for a Show

The Mezzanine section is located in the middle of the inclined level, separating the Loge section to the front and Balcony section to the back by the walkway. Besides the Floor level, these sections have the largest seating capacity when compared to the others. The Mezzanine section is comprised of five sections: A, B, C, D, and E. Rows go from A to M. As you move further back in the rows, the distance from the stage becomes more noticeable, but never to the point where it is too far away.

With this section between the Loge and the Balcony sections of the upper level, you can choose to enter from either the front walkway or the back walkway. The front walkway is preferred for those who struggle with steps, as you will have to walk up nearly twice the amount of stairs to enter through the walkway at the back of the section.

There is often a considerable price difference between the Mezzanine and Loge sections. We suggest looking for tickets in the front of the Mezzanine sections, as you will save money and have a very comparable view to the Loge Section.

For seats, sections A and B seat numbers are even, sections D and E seat numbers are odd, and section C seats are triple digit numbers that increase by one. When looking at the stage, seats in sections A, B, and C increase from left to right whereas seats in sections D and E increase from right to left.  - RateYourSeats.com

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