RingCentral Coliseum

"Can actually see the players, perfect fit for us"

Seat Review From Section 123, Row 25, Seats 16-17
Sep 2016


We could actually see the players unlike the section 200 balcony ones we had last time and for very little more. Was a night game in September, but could be hot on a summer day game as balcony was not covering us.

No fireworks this game but these seats would've been great. Close to vendors and restrooms too, no foul balls though.

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    Great seats for the price, no foul balls though

    Sep 2016

    Section 123, Row 25, Seats 16-17

    We had balcony (200 level) seats last time and for a few dollars more these were much better. Could actually see the players. It was close to vendors and the restrooms. We didn't catch any foul balls though, those were more to the right of us. We were quite happy with seats. I also want to say that the A's Fans and staff at the Coliseum were really nice to us opposing team fans. None of the vitriolic rivalry you hear about in the news. We had a great view of the Red Sox dugout as well.

    Good view of entire field

    Aug 2016

    Section 123, Row 22, Seat 8

    Good view from these seats. We were in shade by about 3:30pm.

    • "Houston Astros at Oakland Athletics - Aug 18, 2019"

      (Section 109) - -

      The seats were nice but there was too many distractions with the folks sitting in the field MVP Box seats in front of us... All in all not bad for the money but section 108 is a better alternative.

    • "Good view close to the field"

      (Section 110) - -

      This was my third straight day visiting the ballpark. The first two days I sat in the 200 level and then right behind home plate. I think I liked these seats the best. It was 95 degrees, and I got one helluva sunburn to prove it. There's no escaping the sun here during day games and even during t...

    • "Great view of the field from near visitor's dugout"

      (Section 115) -

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