NRG Stadium

NRG Stadium Field Level Baseline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Seating behind the basket at any basketball game can be disappointing. In a stadium designed for professional football, disappointing can be taken to a whole new level if you make a poor seat choice.

Each of these baseline sections is separated from the court by student sections 1-4. So even in the first row in this seating zone, you're already pretty far removed from the action. And if you end up in one of the last rows, you'll be about 90 rows from the court (counting the student seating rows).

Like the rest of the lower level, all numbered rows are temporary riser stadium brought in for the NCAA Tournament. These rows rise only modestly, so they're best suited for adults who won't have issues seeing over fans seated in front of them. Additionally, fans seated in these rows have the longest walks up to the main concourse where restrooms and concessions are found. If you're attending both games during Final Four Saturday, you may want seats with a little more accessibility. Among these sections, double-letter rows (AA-JJ) are closest to the main concourse, but they're also farthest from the court.

If you don't mind the stairs or don't mind being far removed from the court, there's still one more obstacle: the basket itself. In sections 116, 117, 136 and 137, the basket will interfere with your view of both ends of the court. If you're considering this seating zone, do yourself a favor and aim for a section closer to the corner where the basket is less of an obstruction.   -

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