Notre Dame Stadium

"Not the most pleasant"

Seat Review From Section 1, Row 57
Sep 2019


You are next to the student section! I repeat, you are next to the student section!

I have nothing against the students, they are just having fun. They add to Notre Dame's awesome atmosphere, but as a passionate fan who wanted to watch the game, they really took away from my experience. I would suggest looking elsewhere if you want to be able to watch the game.

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    • "Excellent view, easy in and out"

      (Section 20) - -

      The only con is the seat numbering is just a bit squashy, in other words, little too close with big people. I would take those seats again in a heartbeat.

    • "Far away from the action. Needs a jumbotron!"

      (Section 21) - -

      Too far away.

    • "Best Seats in the House! :)"

      (Section 17) - -

      I crossed one important thing off my bucket list, going to see a Notre Dame game at home. It was the best experience that I've ever had at a football game !

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