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Notre Dame Stadium Upper Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

From the corners of the upper seating tier, these seats will have very good views of the near endzone, but from many sections here it may be difficult to follow all the action at the far end of the field.

Each section features 24 numbered rows of seating, with entry tunnels located near the front of the section. The first row of the section is actually row 4 due to the first rows to be reserved for accessible seating. All seats in this location are bleacher style without any back support.

Corner seats on the West side of the stadium will have closer views to the Notre Dame bench, and will have the sun at their back as late afternoon approaches. For colder games later in the season, fans may want to opt for seats in the East corners as these will keep you in the warmth of the sun for a longer period.

The video board is located behind the seats in the South endzone. Although the screen is visible to most sections, fans sitting in 132-134 and 104-106 will have more comfortable views. Sections 132-134 are also located behind the student section and band.   -

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    • "What a fun time!"

      (Section 133) - -

      These were great seats for a Notre Dame Football game, especially because the weather was fantastic. Row 4 is the first row of the section and it is nicely elevated across a walkway. The sections in front of us were student sections and they stood the whole time so it was a good thing to be raised...

    • "Fantastic Show!"

      (Section 123) - -

      Unobstructed view of everything going on! Great view of the field!

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