MetLife Stadium

"Floor seats comfy but distracting!"

Seat Review From Floor 15, Row 2, Seats 19-20
Aug 2015


It was amazing to walk onto the floor and see how close you were to the stage. When people sat down it seemed like you would be able to see, but it's a concert, no one sits! The aisle seats were comfortable, plenty of room and easy to get into and out of for the hundred times the girls in our row needed to get in and out!

The bad thing is that you are 2 rows back from the walkway which means people walking back and forth the whole show! We were also on the left of the aisle, which was great when the performers played the left side of the stage, but terrible when they were on the end of the catwalk, seats 1-2 of our row had the best views.

The other problem with floor seats are that people take advantage and come and sit in front of you if there are empty seats, even if that's not their section. My advice, if you have a kid with you, don't sit in the floor section unless you are in the first row of the venue. My poor kid couldn't see a thing the whole show!

Avoid if... you're bringing the family

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