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Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

The Right Field Terrace is a separate deck that is located above the Mezzanine and Club seats along the right field side.

This level is technically lower to ground level than the Gallery Deck which starts at first base and runs through to the left field foul pole, but as it is separate from the rest of the stadium it does not give you easy access to a large concourse if you want to just walk around the stadium and check it all out.

The seats are separated into the Lower Right Field Terrace in the first ten rows (Rows A-J) and Upper Right Field Terrace in the remaining 14 rows. Overhead coverage is sparse in the Terrace seating area, but there is some spots underneath the roof above which can be found in the highest seating rows.

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    • "NLCS: St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals - Oct 14, 2019"

      (Section 224) - -

      The seats are in the second row from the top. It’s a steep climb and it felt like there wasn’t much space between the rows. Great view though!

    • "NLCS: St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals - Oct 14, 2019"

      (Section 224) -
    • "224 is NOT Knee Friendly"

      (Section 224) - -

      I was happy to see that there is a catwalk to 224 -- so I didn't have to climb the steep stairs to get to it - but in addition to the usher who stuck her "STOP" sign in my face >:-( I realized I had to climb a steep incline to row K and my injured knees were not up to that-- so I ended up sitting i...

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