M&T Bank Stadium

"Can't see the whole endzone"

Seat Review From Section 534A, Row D, Seat 14
Aug 2013


This is a temporary section in the corner on the Ravens side of the field. The height is pretty good for the 500 level, but the permanent upper deck gets in your way of seeing all of the near endzone (if you sit on the left side like seat 14). Seat 1 on the right side is probably OK but there's no aisle on that side so getting in and out is a pain.

Overall, a really weird section that's just OK because of the possibility of obstructed seats.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    • "One endzone was blocked by a hand rail"

      (Section 518) - -

      I was pleased with the location for the most part. The cost for the seats was excessive, and while you could see most of the field, one end zone was blocked by the hand rail. I was in seat 1. When the players were at the opposite end of the field they were very small. You will spend most of your...

    • "Private Row for 2"

      (Section 533) - -

      These seats were in the second to last row of the section and the best part was that there was just 2 seats in the row, making it a great place to bring a guest. The section was pretty quiet as well and could actually talk to the person next to you while watching the game. The view was pretty good...

    • "Bring the Binoculars and an Extra Jacket"

      (Section 545) - -

      These seats are tough. About ten rows from the top, but I couldn't imagine being much higher. Even when the goalpost flags are still, the wind is blowing up here. The angle towards the 50 is pretty good so you can see the whole field, but it would be worth it to spend more money to be in a single...