M&T Bank Stadium

"Last Row in Upper Level Endzone"

Seat Review From Section 538, Row 26
Aug 2013


It is one helluva hike up the stairs to get to these seats. If you sit here, don't plan on moving a lot to get concessions. If you do, you'll spend half the game going up and down the stairs.

The view is kind of cool as you look down on the field, but the players are about a mile away. You are looking right at one of the scoreboards. But again, it's about a mile away.

If you just want to get in the stadium to see the Ravens, these tickets are ideal. But if you're bringing the family or looking for the ultimate gameday experience, you're not going to find it up here.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you are bringing the family

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    Behind Bars

    Sep 2013

    Section 538, Row 1, Seat 1

    The guard railings in the first row of the 500 level were a huge obstacle when trying to actually watch the game on the field instead of just the scoreboard. I was on the aisle in Seat 1 and had the highest portion of the guard rail right in my line of sight, but it does get shorter in the seats toward the middle so I would have been better off sitting further in. When you sit back, you can see maybe 60% of the field without looking between the bars, and the only way to remedy the obstruction is to lean way forward which got to be very uncomfortable after a long period of time. The legroom also felt much more limited in Row 1 as the concrete juts out toward you from the front wall, limiting the amount of space you have to put your feet.

    • "Seats Were on Risers - Decent Views"

      (Section 540) - -

      Interestingly the first 3 rows of this section are on a set of metal risers, and didn't appear to be a permanent part of the stadium. However the elevation between the rows was still very good and from Row 2 I had no problem seeing over the people in front of me (when they were there). The leg roo...

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