M&T Bank Stadium

Baltimore Ravens Upper Concourse Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

The east and west endzone upper decks are closer to the field and lower to the ground than the sideline seating decks. This gives the front rows in these sections relatively good views of the field for a fraction of the price of sideline seating.

Avoid the temptation of buying seats in the top rows of the endzone. While the price might be right, you may need a knee surgery or two after walking up the steep and plentiful stairs.

For fans needing another reason not to purchase the top rows, these seats are among the windiest and coldest in the stadium. Conversely, the east endzone (511-515) gets pounded by the sun. That may be good in November, but watch out during early-season games.
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    • "Seats Were on Risers - Decent Views"

      (Section 540) - -

      Interestingly the first 3 rows of this section are on a set of metal risers, and didn't appear to be a permanent part of the stadium. However the elevation between the rows was still very good and from Row 2 I had no problem seeing over the people in front of me (when they were there). The leg roo...

    • "Last Row in Upper Level Endzone"

      (Section 538) - -

      It is one helluva hike up the stairs to get to these seats. If you sit here, don't plan on moving a lot to get concessions. If you do, you'll spend half the game going up and down the stairs. The view is kind of cool as you look down on the field, but the players are about a mile away. You are lo...

    • "Behind Bars"

      (Section 538) - -

      The guard railings in the first row of the 500 level were a huge obstacle when trying to actually watch the game on the field instead of just the scoreboard. I was on the aisle in Seat 1 and had the highest portion of the guard rail right in my line of sight, but it does get shorter in the seats to...

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