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M&T Bank Stadium Great Views of the Field

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at M&T Bank Stadium

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Among the NFL stadiums we've visited, the toughest place to find a consistently great view is at M&T Bank Stadium. While the venue has a fairly common layout - three main seating bowls - the intricacies within each seating level are anything but common.

Views From the 100 Level

The 100 level sideline seats at M&T Bank Stadium are split up into upper and lower portions. The lower rows are below the entry tunnel and go as high as 16 or 18 in most sections. While we don't normally recommend these lower rows for getting a great view, they're one of the few safe bets for getting an unobstructed siteline in a 100-level seat. The optimal rows are 14-18 where you'll be just below the tunnel and have enough elevation to see over the players.

As for the upper rows in sideline sections - there are some outstanding views - but they're much more unpredictable. The entrance tunnels in these sections have created a few problems. First, fans tend to come out of the tunnel, pause, turn around, take a look up at the seats, pause, and then head up the aisle to their row. Depending on where the ball is, these people might be directly in your siteline. Second, a number of railings border these tunnels. While innocent-looking at first, they can create some major problems seeing the field.

To avoid some of the issues described above, consider rows 32-38 in sideline sections. Not every seat in these rows is perfect, but the added elevation - and being farther away from the tunnel - will help eliminate most problems.

Because of the uncertainty of sideline seating (and the relative high costs), you may want to consider an endzone seat instead. The stadium's videoboards are located just above these endzone sections - giving fans seated here the absolute best view of replays, stats and other video. For the best views and gameday experience, we recommend rows 30 and higher in sections 136-144.

Club Seats

If getting the best view is a priority and you're not limited by budget, you'll want to begin your search on the club level. Club seats are located on the 200 level and are located at an ideal elevation for seeing the entire field. It may come as no surprise to learn that these seats also have the highest face value for Ravens games.

When choosing a row on the club level, we recommend skipping out on the first two rows where the railing can be difficult to see over.

Upper Level Seating

The most difficult place to find a consistently good view is in the 500 level. In fact, you have to go up about 12-15 rows before you can guarantee yourself a completely unobstructed view. With the upper level already located high above the playing surface, these higher rows can sometimes make you feel like you're looking straight down onto the field.

The issues of the 500 level mirror the problems with the lower level. Tunnels and railings obstruct views time and time again. They'll never block your entire view of the field - or even half of it - but these issues tend to arise when trying to see the action as it moves towards the endzones.

Because these problems arise in almost every lower row in every section, we can't recommend any upper level seats for getting an outstanding view. Instead, we recommend tempering your expectations when buying upper deck tickets. Just know in advance that if you want to sit in a lower row, you may have to put up with some disrupted sitelines.  - RateYourSeats.com

Recommended Ticket Locations

Rows 14-18, 32-38 in Sections 100, 101, 125 and more

Best overall views from the lower level

Sit right behind the players on the sidelines

Located between the 25-yardlines

Sections 136, 138, 139 and more

Best head-on views of the east-end videoboard

Good elevated views of the field without worrying about obstructions

Sun sets behind the seats so no glare in your eyes

Rows 3-9 in Sections 200, 201, 202 and more

Best elevation for seeing both sides of the field comfortably

Located above the railing at the front of these sections

Club level amenities for Ravens games

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