M.M. Roberts Stadium

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wheelchair spaces
Accessible and companion seating is available at the front of select lower level sections, including Section B along the west sideline.
covered seats
Covered seating on the east side of M.M. Roberts Stadium is found in all club sections and rows 31 and higher of sections J (seen here), K, Q and R.
east sideline
The visitor/east sideline of the stadium features up to 37 rows of bench-style seating in most sections, along with club seats at the top of the seating deck.
covered sections A-C, G-I
Rows 47 and higher in west sideline sections A-C and G-I are covered by the upper level.
west stands
The west stands include up to 52 rows of seats in lower level sections and 26 rows in the upper level - some of which are chairback seats.

About These Seats

Sitting along the sidelines of the lower seating tier will provide some of the best views for a football game at MM Roberts Stadium. Fans wont find any chairback seating here, but will have impressively close views from near the team benches.

West sideline sections have up to 52 rows of seating, noticeably larger than on the east sideline where there are no more than 37 rows of seating. Most sections feature a single entry tunnel located at Row 5, but fans can also enter from the top for the sections closest to the corners (A-B, H-I, J-K, and Q-R).


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