Minute Maid Park

"Miserable view through 2 sets of railings"

Seat Review From Section 414, Row 1, Seat 17
Apr 2014


If you want to be able to lean back in your seat and watch an Astros game, this seat will NOT be for you. From this height and positioning at the front of the section, there are two sets of railings that impede your view down to the field (one at the front of the section, and another in front of the handicap accessible seats at the back of the 300 level sections just below). Lean forward a bunch and you can eliminate the bars from being an issue, but this gets obnoxious after a while and you may find yourself seeking refuge is seats higher up.

The view of the field is just ok from here as the seats are high up in the ballpark and you can forget about seeing anything down the 3rd base line near the left field corner. A pleasant surprise was the great head on view to the right field scoreboard, which seems to face directly at these seats. There were also pretty decent views into the Astros dugout on the first base line, and it would have been fun to have binoculars to get a closer look at the players when the Astros were up to bat.

An important item to note is even though you have a front row seat in Row 1, you still have to walk up 10-15 stairs to get to the seats as the 300 and 400 level sections share an entry tunnel between them. There was shade during the late afternoon but I would imagine these seats get a lot of sun during day games. A nice breeze seems to come in and out regularly, keeping me nice and cool prior to the evening game. The speakers for this area are located close by, so it does get a bit louder from these seats and would recommend that fans with sensitive ears look for seats elsewhere.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you are bringing the family

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      Directly behind home plate on the upper seating tier provides a good position to see most areas of the field, but the railings cause a big issue when watching the pitchers mound and batters box. The railing just in front of my seats as well as the railing in the section below were annoyingly in the...

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      I purchased 2 tickets in section 421 row 9 seats 21 and 22, which were aisle seats. Our row is only 22 seats. This was my 1st time ever at a baseball game and wanted to purchase affordable tickets for post season game. The view was excellent. I recommend this section because it has 0 obstructions to...

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