Minute Maid Park

"300 level safety rail ruins the view"

Seat Review From Section 330, Row 1, Seat 15
Apr 2014


I understand the need for safety railings at the front of upper level sections, but I just wish they could find a way to construct the barriers so that they don't ruin the view of the field. From the front of Section 330, I had a tough time seeing through the bars to home plate, the right side of the infield, and down the right field line.

Had the railing been less prominent, the view would have been pretty good for an upper level seat. Good sight lines to the left field corner, most of the right field corner, and into the first base dugout. Cup holders on the railings are very convenient and the legroom was decent for a front row seat. It was a little difficult to see the right field scoreboard as well, so in the future I would look for seats a few sections closer to home plate for a better view of the replays, and will avoid sitting in the front row to eliminate the impact of the railing.

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