Minute Maid Park

"Ideal Club Seats"

Seat Review From Section 224, Row 11, Seat 1
Apr 2014


When it comes to club seats, it's tough to beat padded seats, in-seat wait service, cover from above, aisle seats and being at the top row near the entrance to the Club Lounge.

Oh yeah, and the view of the field was fantastic too! These really were spectacular club seats. I didn't head down to Row 1 -- I'm sure the view is a tiny bit better. But being covered above and not having to walk a single stair was awesome! Would definitely sit here again.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, impressing a guest

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    The most convenient and comfortable seats in the park

    Apr 2014

    Section 224, Row 11, Seat 2

    These could be the most comfortable and stress free seats I have ever sat in at a professional sporting event. Located at the last row of the Club Level and right on the aisle, moving between the seats and the upscale club level concourse could not have been easier. There is an indescribable calm that comes with being in such a convenient location and really allowed me to enjoy the great views of the game. Waiters are constantly patrolling the sections, taking orders and delivering food to the club seat ticketholders. A great perk that allows you to stay in the seat while the food and drink comes to you, but it also can get frustrating if the wait staff are consistently standing in the path of your view. The seats pointed perfectly at home plate, and I could easily see all areas of the field. The scoreboard in right center field was also easily visible from the back of the section, and we were well covered by the overhang in above if it had started to rain at all. These seats were excellent in just about every respect and would absolutely sit here again for an Astros game!

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      (Section 214) - -

      Would try to sit here on our next trip

    • "Amazing front row Club level seats!"

      (Section 222) - -

      I always get nervous about sitting in the first row on any seating deck other than the lower level, but the view from the front of the club level at Minute Park is nothing short of phenomenal! The safety railing at the front of the section is perfect height, and does not obstruct any of your view e...

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