Minute Maid Park

"Quite Possibly the Best Seats Ever"

Seat Review From Section 106, Row 3, Seat 1
Apr 2014


If you're a baseball purist, these might be the best seats you ever want to sit in. Sure, there are seats closer to home plate and seats with free food, but I still think these might be the best.

Sitting in these seats and looking straight in towards home plate, you're about two feet from the field and about two feet above it. When you're sitting down, you're basically at eye level with the batter. And your view? Well, it's almost identical to the left-fielder. How cool is that!?

For every ballpark I visit in the future, I'll be looking for seats exactly like this. They're just super cool and there's a lot of foul ball (and even fair ball) activity near here.

Only drawback was being so close to the field you've got a looooong way up and down the stairs to get food and go to the bathroom. Otherwise, these seats are gold.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, being close to the action, impressing a guest, Catching a foul ball

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    Jun 2014

    Section 106, Row 7, Seat 6

    • "Doesn't get much better for bringing your kids to the game"

      (Section 132) - -

      With row 1 being right up against the field in Section 132, my seat in Row 12 was very close to the field. Decent elevation above the field level gives good views of the field but you will be blocked out from seeing any scorchers hit down the first base line and into the right field corner. I wish...

    • "Seats are too small (narrow), row is crowded and cramped"

      (Section 131) - -

      The view from this seat is good and you are in a good area for foul balls and the 6th inning T-Shirt toss. But, the seats are small, cramped and uncomfortable. The row is crowded. I am a season ticket holder and I never see the same people. I feel like I am the only season ticket holder in this sect...

    • "Excellent Seats"

      (Section 107) - -

      Great view of the field! Great price for the location!

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