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Houston Astros Mezzanine Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

The Mezzanine is made up of 200 level seating in right field. If you were asking are my seats in the shade, the answer is yes. These seats are under a lot of shade when the roof is open, but they offer little to no chance of seeing the scoreboard right above them. There are up to 17 rows in each section, and most seats in rows 6 and higher will struggle to see all of the action in deep right field.

With the All You Can Eat concession stand at Section 251 and family, men's and women's restrooms nearby, the mezzanine is a great option for families.  - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "great seats, could see everything. Fantastic"

      (Section 254) - -

      The Coca Cola suite is one of the best seating section I have enjoyed. Even got to sing (take me out to the ball game on camera.

    • "Obstructed"

      (Section 252) - -

      They don’t tell you this when you purchase!

    • "great seats - view was fantastic"

      (Section 254) - -

      Take you friends or your family to the Coca Cola Suite, section 99, minute maid park & enjoy an Astro game

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