American Family Field

"Felt Removed"

Seat Review From Section 233, Row 13, Seat 7
Apr 2019


First, these are bleacher seating which is fine, but not when it got crowded and others in the row started hogging space. At the front of the section is a big yellow pole which almost acted as a separator between us and the field. We lost sight of anything in the left field corner. Right field and home plate felt like miles away. I like Miller Park but these seats (benches) aren't my favorite.

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    • "Nice outfield view in bleacher style seating"

      (Section 205) - -

      I was in the last seat of the last row and the seats were actually pretty comfortable. There wasn't too many people at the game, so I didn't have anyone next to me which was nice. I was hoping for some home run balls, but they never came my way. I was able to get a great view of the field and it was...

    • "Cant Beat these Seats!"

      (Section 237) - -

      Despite it being 100 degrees, I have never had a better seat at a ball game in my life. To the left of you is the Brewers Bullpen and you have a full view of the field. I was lucky enough to get a warm up ball from Ryan Braun, even though I gave it to a young fan, It was an awesome experience. Highl...

    • "Reserved Bleachers"

      (Section 235) - -

      The problem with reserved bleachers is that your neighbors can easily slide over into your "space". I think a group close by tried to squeeze an extra person in and it made things very tight for the row. You lose more and more sight of left field the higher you go in the section. When seated we ...

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