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Miller Park Great Views of the Field

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at Miller Park

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Miller Park features 4 primary tiers of seating, and fans can find excellent viewing options from just about every one other than the upper deck Terrace level.

Some of the very best seats for watching a Brewers game are located in sections 111-113 (first base side) and 122-124 (third base side). Though the netting extends to sections 112 and 123, these seats will allow you to still feel close to all the action on the field as well as the dugouts. Rows 10-21 give excellent viewing height, and be sure to avoid rows 22 and higher in sections 111 and 124 as the adjacent Founders Suites can be distracting. On the third base side (122-124) you will be close to the visitor's dugout, however if the roof is open for a bright summer day game these seats can get very hot.

For those who want to be on the lower level but prefer a home plate view, we recommend considering seats in rows 12-21 of sections 116 through 119. The angles here are excellent as you can easily follow the pitchers release point and tell whether or not a batter is crowding the plate. You will be behind the protective netting here, which is why we picked the upper rows as the netting becomes a bigger distraction the closer you are. Avoid rows 22+ in sections 117-118 to limit feelings of tunnel vision from between the suites and under the overhang.

A more affordable option with good views on the lower tier can be found down the right field line in section 108. These seats are the first which begin to angle more towards the infield providing a comfortable viewing perspective to the back of the infield. The right field corner will be difficult to see, however these seats are a good choice thanks to the seating angle and location on the shadier side of the stadium (trust us, you'll be baking in the sun down the third base line on a hot summer day with the roof open at Miller Park, and will find every reason imaginable to visit the concourse just to cool off).

The Loge Level seats are another great option for watching a Brewers game thanks to the ideal viewing elevation while still feeling close to the field. The best places to be on the Loge Level are sections 212-218 in the first ten rows of seating. Views range from behind home plate to being in line with the Brewers dugout along the first base side. Rows 1 through 10 were hand picked as they almost feel like a lower level view, and be sure to avoid rows 11 and higher in section 215 so you limit the press box from impeding your view.

Among the 300 level sections (also known as the Club Level at Miller Park), our favorite seats for watching a baseball game are those closest to home plate. Sections 327-332 give you a straight away view of the entire diamond, as well as the videoboard above center field. And with in-seat food and beverage service, you'll spend minimal time away from your seat and more time watching the ballgame.  -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Rows 12-21 in Sections 116, 117, 118 and more

Amazing scout style views from directly behind home plate

Great opportunity to see players on the on deck circle or around the dugout

Straight away viewing angles to the infield and videoboard

Sections 110, 111, 112 and more

Excellent combination of seating height, viewing angles, and proximity to the field

Great sight lines to the infield

Close to the team dugouts

Rows 9-24 in Section 108

Seats are angled nicely toward the back of the infield

More affordable option on the lower seating tier

On the shadier side of the ballpark

Rows 1-10 in Sections 212, 213, 214 and more

Perfect viewing height from Miller Park's Loge Level

Excellent sight lines to the middle of the infield

Further from the sunny third base side

Sections 327, 328, 329 and more

Straight away viewing perspective from behind home plate

In-seat wait service helps you spend more time watching the action on the field

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  • "Great Seats, but would generally not choose the middle of a row."

    (Section 213) - -

    Had to climb over half the people in the row to get out. Next time I'd choose to be closer to the aisle (and be the ones getting climbed over?) is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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