"Good view of field and close to entry and bathrooms."
MetLife Stadium Section 123 Seat Review Added December 2013


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Row 18
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  • A ton of seats as you get up higher.

    There are more than 30 seats in Row 45. Most other rows have 20-25 seats

  • Rows 36-45 are covered by the overhang.

    These seats also have great access to the concourse. So not only will you stay dry, but your hot dog will stay warm as you mosey back to your seat.

  • Tunnel above Row 10

    One of the tunnels is above Row 10, so if you are lucky enough to have seats 4-10, you basically have no one in front of you and a great view.

  • Protected from the elements

    Row 40 will keep you dry and warm. The seats definitely were not the most comfortable, but getting to the concourse is simple and you do not have to deal with the endzone crazies closer to the field.

  • Love the view of the scoreboard!

    Head-on to one of the 4 corner videoboards! It is far from corner-to-corner, but at least you can see the replays crystal clear. Plus, if you are up in Rows 35 and higher, you are covered by the second deck and you are close to bathrooms.

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