Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Atlanta Falcons 200 Level Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

When looking at the Falcons seating chart, the only endzone seating available on the 200 level is in sections 222-226 on the west side of the stadium. These sections don't give you the popular midfield view like club seats on the same level, but they do offer a video-game-like view of the field at a fraction of the price. Many fans prefer this down-the-field look as it makes it easier to see plays develop. If this is your desired view, it doesn't get any better than this spot on the 200 level.

Besides for a unique view of the game, these seats are located in front of the 200 Concourse Lounge. This area promises a high-tech experience with incredible views. The lounge will feature a number of televisions and additional space for fans to socialize. From the lounge you'll be able to see all the way through to the Window to the City.
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