Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Falcons North Champions Club Seats at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

North Champions Club Features & Amenities

Club sections 126-130 on the visitor side of the field are part of the Champions Club. Ticketholders in these seats will enjoy a spectacular combination of outstanding views and exclusive club amenities.

Each of these sections is located between the 20 yardlines - directly behind the players and above the field suites. These seats are being touted as the most comfortable landing spot in the stadium - the seats are cushioned, larger than the standard seat and come with additional legroom.

If you decide to leave your seat, you'll have exclusive access to the Champions Club Lounge located directly below these sections. The climate-controlled space is complete with upscale furniture, multiple bars and food stations, dining tables and even an on-field patio area. Fans are encouraged to arrive early and stay late to enjoy all of the delights of this premium space.

Ticketholders in Club Section 128 receive additional benefits for being part of the ultra-exclusive SunTrust Club. In addition to the best views from midfield and all club benefits listed above, SunTrust Club ticketholders will have access to an additional club area and all-inclusive food and beverage (alcohol included). Along with the comparable AMG Lounge seats on the opposite side of the field, these are highly considered the best seats at a Falcons game.

Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2021, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Comfortable View, Too Many Stairs"

      (Club 129) - -

      All of the club rows have their pluses and minuses. In this spot, the biggest minus is having to walk up 25 rows from the club to the seats. On the plus side, seats are oversized and definitely comfortable. View is pretty great, too.

    • "Great Seats!"

      (Club 126) - -

      Halo board is way too high for these seats. But if you're sitting here, it's all about seeing the game on the field anyway!!

    • "Awesome Seats Visitor Side!"

      (Club 130) - -

      Very cool being in the club on opening night! Right above the visitor sideline. Only problem was the camera guy moving back and forth! Check out the views from ON THE FIELD :)

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