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Mercedes-Benz Stadium Great Views of the Field

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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As the NFL's newest venue, Mercedes-Benz Stadium promises a fan experience unlike any other. Concession prices are among the lowest in the NFL, the stadium contains a number of areas to hang out and there are loads of activities located on the concourses (hole in one golf challenge, anyone?). While the stadium is a stand-out in regards to keeping fans entertained, it's simply OK as it relates to watching a football game.

Best Views in the Lower Level

As has been the trend in the NFL recently, MB Stadium utilizes the most desirable seats (sideline sections in the lower level) as club seats. Sections 105-112 on the Falcons side and 126-130 on the visitor side come with premium amenities and exclusive access to a (very nice) lounge below the seats. Unsurprisingly, these sections also contain the best views in the lower level.

Within these club sections, rows 20-35 get the best marks for a good view of the field. Despite the relatively flat seating bowl, these rows easily provide enough elevation to see over the players. They also provide enough elevation to see over fans spilling out of the tunnels near row 8. Access to club sections is limited, and many confused fans step out of the tunnel without a clue where to turn. This will get better over time as season-ticketholders get acclimated with their seats, but it will still be a game-to-game annoyance for those sitting near row 8.

Among other lower level seats, the sitelines are rather disappointing. On the seating chart the sections show a sharp angle towards midfield, but this seems exaggerated once you actually sit in the seats. The best views we could find are in rows 36-44 of sections adjacent to club seats (like 106, 107, 113 and 114). The elevation made the sitelines more comfortable, and looking up at the halo board is not as taxing as it is in a lower row.

Perfect Elevation in the 200 Level

Unlike the Georgia Dome which utilized the second level for club seats, there are only a limited number of club seats on the 200 level. These are located between the 30 yardlines (again, taking up the best views), but there are still plenty of other great spots to sit.

The best views are in sections 208-214 and 234-240 where you'll get a sideline view at the perfect elevation. But if you're looking for something less expensive, consider the corner-most sections. Our favorites include 219, 220, 228 and 229. These sections have the stadium's best sitelines to midfield and the 200 level's best view of the halo board. We recommend these sections over just about anything on the 300 level and most non-club seats on the lower level.

Best Views of the Halo Board

The most contentious area of the stadium is the 300 level. So much has been made of the stadium's halo boards, and these seats have far-and-away the best views of the videoscreens. Unless you're sitting in the very top rows (where the boards cut off just a bit), you're getting an excellent 360 degree look at stats, replays and social media updates. In most stadiums there is rarely a benefit to sitting in the upper deck, but at MB Stadium the advantage is clear.

Of course, the easy views of the halo board are a result of the height of the upper level. The stadium includes three rings of suites that wrap around most of the seating bowl. In turn, the upper level is high above the playing surface and views of the field are sacrificed. We can't say that any seats will give you a "great" view of the field - they're just too far away.   -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Rows 20-35 in Sections C108, C109, C110 and more

Club seating with the best views from the lower level

Rows 20 and above allow you to see over the players and over the fan traffic spilling out of the tunnel at row 8

Access to the field where you can get a unique view from just a few feet behind the players

Rows 36-44 in Sections 106, 107, 113 and more

Best views of the field from a non-club seat

Elevation of the seats gives you a better angle to both ends (and keeps you closer to the concourse)

Best views of the halo board from the lower level come from the highest rows

Sections 202, 203, 219 and more

Perfect angle for seeing the field comfortably

Better views of the field that lower level sections directly below

One of the better views of the halo board on the 200 level

Sections 208, 209, C210 and more

Located at the ideal height for watching football

Sideline seating between the 15-yardlines

Small sections make for quick and easy trips to the concourse

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