Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium Top Deck Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

If you're looking for a cheap ticket for a Clemson Tigers football game, the Top Deck will be the best place to search. With views on the highest seating tier, these seats are not in demand as much as the lower level sections, which helps keep prices in the more affordable range.

The sections have up to 29 lettered rows of seating, with entry tunnels located at the front of the sections. Double lettered rows are located at the very top, leaving long walks and the furthest views for fans in these last few rows. With no overhanging roofs or nearby structures to provide shade, Top Deck seats will see a good amount of sun during day games, especially in sections TA-TE.  -

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    • "Terrible"

      (Section TM) - -


    • "Excellent view of the field and scoreboard, on a budget"

      (Section TH) - -

      This was a great spot to sit for the Thursday night game against Georgia Tech. I paid under $100 for these two tickets back in September. I could see every play, and see and hear the scoreboard and announcers just fine. It was a family atmosphere with little to no rowdiness like you would find in a ...

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